Taidum VRC avatar by Irix

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The avatar costs $15USD. If you wish to support me further, you can opt into paying more. Manually type in $15.00 if you wish to pay the original price. I dedicate time to updates based on amount I make and interest in an avatar.

This is the official release of the Taidum avatar. It is not officially released anywhere else on the web.


The Taidums are a fantasy creature that are a mix of different animals and come in all shapes and sizes.  They love banana bread and jokes involving cows.  Some are great swimmers and dancers, and others are loaf, just loaf.

(((Join Discord here: > https://discord.gg/T63MX95JG9 < ))) Subject to terms (#Rules)


Quest is not currently supported.

Does NOT include Substance painter file.

Terms of use may be subject to change in the future!



• Modify, change, and retexture the model and avatar.

• Paid texture and model edit commissions (Both users sides must have purchased original model from this Gumroad).

• Use it in other program (only supported only for VRChat).

• Upload them publicly to VRChat in-game.

• Use for "Vtubing" and streaming


• Resell the assets contained in folder even if heavily modified (Not including custom texture work)

• Claim that you created the avatar. 

• Upload privately on behalf of other users who did not purchase the original avatar.

• Remove the signature from game assets and repackage contents.

• Upload without avatar protection in Resonite.

• Trade avatar in Chillout VR without confirming that other user has purchased the original avatar.

• Upload original contents and modified contents to websites or Discords, ext.

! For promotional use. Please DM via Discord ("sv40") so we can discuss terms.

! If you are uncertain about any terms please feel free to DM me via Discord.  ("sv40")

I want this!

Avatar and Painting files


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Taidum VRC avatar by Irix

694 ratings
I want this!