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This is the official release of the Irix Gloopin avatar. It is not officially released anywhere else on the web!

Suggested price is $30 USD however you can choose to set it lower to $15 USD. There's no refunds so make your decisions wisely. If you are struggling with purchasing or cannot afford, please feel free to Email me at


The Gloopin is a big gloopy creature that can't resist hugs and snuggles.

You can register your avatar on the Discord to download and distribute community content. You will receive a key with this purchase from Gumroad that will be used in verification. You can also find support, join meetups, and talk with the community! If you have any issues with verification, please message "sv40" (thats me) on Discord with your key.

(((Join Discord here: > < ))) Subject to terms (#Rules)


You will need the lilToon shader for VRChat, you can get it here (( lilToon ( ))

This is the initial release. There will be additional features added and bug fix updates!

Quest is NOT currently supported.

Does NOT include painting files (Yet!)

Terms of use may be subject to change in the future!


• You're purchasing a personal license for one copy.

• By purchasing, using, or downloading this content you're here agreeing to the terms of service! If you do not wish to abide by the rules set do not purchase, use, or download the content.


• Modify, change, and retexture the model and avatar.

• Paid texture and model edit commissions (Both client and commissioner must have purchased original model from this Gumroad page).

• Use it in other programs like ChillOutVR. (only supported only for VRChat).

• Upload them publicly to VRChat in-game.

• Use for "Vtubing" and streaming


•Offer the avatar files for "trades" or in exchange for goods or services.

• Share files with friends, acquaints, or others. (This is personal copy for one.)

• Redistribute avatars to other avatar websites.

• Resell the assets contained in folder even if heavily modified (Not including custom texture work)

• Claim that you created the avatar. 

• Upload privately on behalf of other users who did not purchase the original avatar.

• Remove the signature from game assets and repackage contents.

• Upload without avatar protection in Neos/Resonite.

• Save to a public folder in Neos/Resonite.

• Trade avatar in Chillout VR without confirming that other user has purchased the original avatar.

• Upload original contents and modified contents to websites or Discord's, ETC.

• Upload content to Garry's mod.

• Create inappropriate content via renders or animations.


! For promotional use. Please DM via Discord ("sv40") so we can discuss specific terms and agreements.

! If you are uncertain about any terms, please feel free to DM me via Discord.  ("sv40") or email at

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Decide before you buy! No refunds!

If you have lost your login information or cannot access Gumroad, please contact Gumroad support as I will not be able to help.

Last updated Apr 10, 2024

Contains Unity package for VRChat and Resonite package file for Resonite. This is the initial release more content will be available in the future!

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Irix Gloopin Avatar

19 ratings
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